Hair vitamins

Today's market is flooded with all types of information., some information is verified, some not validated and others from old wives tales and etc.

Hair vitamins on the market should and could be beneficial to hair growth. Yet, there are more factors than just vitamins. Some vitamins on the market have a very low absorption rate. Natural vitamin sources are better.

) The health of the individual is the primary source of hair growth.

) Diet from whole foods are better source of nourishment for hair.

) Medications can affect the growth and some contribute to hair thinning or hair loss.

) Haircare regimen is a very important factor.

) Skin and scalp diseases and allergies affect the growth, such as various types of alopecia.

) Previous damaged to the scalp or skin on the scalp

See a haircare professional or dermatologist for a consultation if you have concerns.

Carolyn Postell